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What People

Are Saying

“Footloose Enterprises is the place to be, whether that is to lounge around, have an exclusive private party or to get your thoughts together to write some lyrics or music.  Call me a lifetime member because I plan on being here anytime that I can.”

-- Theo, Coordinator

“I love downtown Memphis, and Footloose ENT makes that experience personal.....One side is Beale St. and the other side is Riverside Dr and the river.  Prime Location.....nuff said.”

-- Run MEM, Coordinator

Fortitude with Finesse!
"Madame Kay is a true leader.  She knows what she wants and sets up Footloose Enterprises to accomplish exactly that.  She is a diamond in the rough.  Her baby [Footloose ENT] and her brand is what any entrepreneur would dream of.  #FootlooseENT”

-- Keyshe, Member

"This is a fearless organization.  They bring a different flavor to Memphis.  Full of new ideas and creative ways to make old fun, new fun again.  They have a different perspective on quality of life  and I love it.”

-- Pat, Artist

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