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Who Are We?

Footloose Enterprises is Memphis' only transportation service offering a luxury Sprinter.  Although we are a transportation service our goal is to offer experiences to be remembered to our guests, incomparable service and a vehicle that is the perfect blend of a private jet and your living room.


Our specialties include corporate and executive clientele.  We are very selective with the reservation requests we choose to pursue.  Every Excursion is customized just for their specific needs. 

Who Are We?

Plug In | Business Class

Climb aboard and its as if you have entered the cabin of a private jet.  Whether you're commuting between regional offices, entertaining customers, tailgating with friends or traveling with family, our Mercedes Sprinter meets the demands of executive lifestyles.

Fingertip access to Direct TV, Wi-Fi, a Privacy partition and a premium sound system keeps your productivity in high gear on the road.  Leather reclining chairs, exquisite wood tables, custom carpeting and dozens of other customizable features that help you relax and travel in uncompromised comfort.

Get Away | Weekender

Get ready to feed your wanderlust a gourmet meal of luxury and versatility.  Plan your weekend get away today with us.  We have high end trims and finishes that are combined with modern conveniences like a refrigerator, champagne bucket, ice chest and wine hutch.  There is plenty of tech onboard including wide screen televisions, Wi-Fi and premium sound.  An extensive array of customizable options lets you include all of the amenities that you need for traveling in style. 

Entertain | Night Out on the Town

Our luxury Sprinter bears little resemblance to any other van you have seen.  It is a remarkable blend of technology and hand crafted luxury that feels like a private jet on wheels instead of wings.  When you step inside you are immersed in first class amenities offering the perfect escape to ..... whatever.

Imagine a business command center that doubles as a plush social gatherings space for family and friends.  Think of the jaws that will drop at the tailgate parties when you swing open the rear doors to reveal a wide screen HDTV and custom sound system.  With our Sprinter, you will make the most of every hour, everyday and every memorable weekend.

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Fortitude with Finesse

Kareema McCloud

CEO and Owner

Attended University of Virginia

Graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering 

Founded Footloose Enterprises in 2013

Expanded in 2016 to include Exquisite Excursions and Power Teams

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